Skateboards on racks at momentum ride shop

So many new skateboards in stock. Supporting skateboarding in the 805 since 2002.

New Sector Nine skateboards

New Sector Nine skateboards in

Many different Sector Nine cruiser skateboards to choose from. All boards have soft wheels that make cruising comfortable and easy.

New Momentum Ride Shop skate decks

Momentum Ride Shop skateboard decks

New Momentum Ride Shop skate decks in stock

Our decks are made with the finest materials so they last and have crazy pop. Sizes available are: 7.75, 8.0, 8.12, 8.25, 8.37, 8.5


The Now: Curren Caples

When you’re named after Tom Curren, you’d better have a knack for drawing interesting lines in the water. But while 18-year-old Curren Caples is more than proficient at punting and carving across his local breaks, it’s his skills on a skateboard that have landed him in the spotlight. He turned pro last year, filmed a video part for Flip Skateboards, and won a gold medal in Skateboard Park at X Games Munich. His life is one fast-paced balancing act between water and concrete.

Music: Night Crawl by The Silents